Please help us preserve our viaducts for future generations

The Northern Viaduct Trust is run by volunteer trustees and we rely upon grants and donations to support our work.

The Trust has been used as an example for enabling the restoration of several historic viaducts elsewhere although other trusts all have some form of participation by public bodies. We remain unique in being the only such trust comprised solely of private individuals.

Even without a railway running over them our viaducts are all subject to deterioration at the hands of time, wind and weather. Harsh winters and storms, such as we have experienced in 2010 and 2011 – and those that we are currently experiencing, create special problems. In particular, the freeze-thaw effects are very damaging to exposed structures. In addition, regular maintenance of paths and vegetation to ensure walkers’ comfort and safety, as well as to retain the general quality of the environment for the enjoyment of walkers and wildlife, can only be achieved at further cost.

All the Trust’s funding comes entirely from grants and donations.

Having successfully carried out the initial task of saving and restoring the viaducts, funds are now needed for future maintenance of the viaducts and other structures along the former railway and the very popular footpaths over them.

On top of the regular work undertaken to maintain the viaducts and paths, in 2019 the Trust commissioned a survey of the viaducts.

In June 2023, with thanks to everyone who has supported us and donated, we raised the funds necessary to make the deck of Smardale Gill Viaduct watertight again, improve the drainage on the viaduct and repair its surface.  We now need to raise funds to repair and restore the stonework of the viaduct.  Due to water damage the stonework is disintegrating and needs urgent attention if the viaduct is to be saved.

We would be enormously grateful if you would consider making donations to help us with the fundraising.  Without sufficient funds Smardale Gill Viaduct will be at serious risk of fundamental deterioration and would have to be closed to public access.  Any amount that you are able to contribute is most welcome. Maintenance of such an important historical structure is inevitably continual and expensive and the Trust greatly appreciates all support it receives.

If you wish to donate, please CLICK THROUGH TO CAF DONATE. The Trust can claim Gift Aid on donations made through this site.

Donations may also be made by cheque – please use this form and Gift Aid your donation if possible.

Many thanks for your support.