Some great videos of our viaducts and the abandoned railways of the Eden Valley.

from Sarah and David Dewey with thanks
Forgotten Relics Forgotten Relics of an Enterprising Age @FgottenRelics
Filmed whilst the Smardale Gill Viaduct repair works were underway during summer of 2023 and produced this fantastic video and images.  Huge thanks to @ForgottenRelics and Graeme Bickerdike
Taken by Paul Lewis, the ‘Historic Building Doctor’. from Lewis Conservation

An aerial perspective by Graeme Bickerdike on some of the North’s great disused railway viaducts, still gracing the landscape long after the tracks they carried were torn from the map.

Martin Zero visits Merrygill and Podgill viaducts and shows the remains of the now abandoned Belah Viaduct. Belah Viaduct was on the South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway and was once the tallest viaduct in England. This video shows off British Railway engineering and architecture at its best from the 19th century.

Beautiful views featuring the Merrygill & Podgill Viaducts, in Hartley near Kirkby Stephen in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. The viaducts are owned and managed by the Northern Viaduct Trust and feature a tranquil walk along the disused Stainmore railway line between Stenkrith and Hartley. Film is captured using a DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Canon EOS 450D DSLR camera. Taken by Keyishoes Drone Services .